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  • Aleksandr Safonov Pleasure Cruiser
Aleksandr Safonov Pleasure Cruiser

Tour Sales Centre: Russia, 614107, Perm, KIM Street, 75

Telephones:  +7 (342) 202-50-30, 266-00-66


Aleksandr Safonov Pleasure Cruiser offers river trips on the Kama, Sylva, Chusovaya and Vishera rivers of the Kama River Basin.

Book our pleasure cruiser for your corporate events, trainings, conferences, banquets, cocktail parties, presentations, meetings with business partners and the press or just have a picnic with your friends. We offer you staying at the riverside rest areas, fishing, barbeque, visits to the Perm region attractions.

The reason for the boat trip may be any remarkable date in your family history, meetings with friends or the good weather.

You may just give yourself a few hours of rest and peace, enjoying the picturesque landscapes of the Perm region, and be sure it will give you a lot of fun.

Aleksandr Safonov Pleasure Cruiser offers you:

  • Comfortable accommodation for up to 33 persons in a banquet hall
  • TV, DVD, air conditioner
  • Promenade Deck
  • Dance Floor
  • 5 Comfortable two double cabins
  • Finnish Sauna
  • On board installation of watersport  equipment


Information about Aleksandr Safonov Pleasure Cruiser

Navigation period is from 1st May till 1st November. Professional ship’s crew will be glad to meet you.
The motor ship is equipped with modern heating and ventilation systems.
Length – 40 m, width - 6.5 m, speed - 25 km/hour max.

Cost of pleasure cruiser rent does not depend on the number of guests.

Guests Behaviour Code on the Cruiser Board  

  • please, keep the cruiser clean and in order;
  • please, observe the fire prevention rules;
  • please, switch off water taps and the light, leaving your cabin


  • to throw wastes overboard
  • to run on decks or up and down a boarding ladder and stairs
  • stay out of deck rails
  • stay out of deck guards
  • to violate swimming restrictions during stay;
  • to go up and down a boarding ladder and stairs without keeping hand-rails

In cabins prohibited:

  • to smoke;
  • to use electrical heaters
  • to keep bulky baggage and inflammable stuff;
  • to keep animals and birds without the Administration consent   
  • to leave children alone


  • if any smoke detected, please, inform the cruiser Administration;
  • в случае пожара, пожалуйста, войдите в открытую часть палубы и ждите команды капитана.


Пожалуйста, будьте осторожны, двигаясь по палубам и поднимаясь или спускаясь по лестницам во время или после дождя. Не оставайтесь близко на борту и не выходите из кают ночью, когда он сильно качается.

Подарите себе несколько часов незабываемого отдыха, наслаждаясь живописными видами Пермского края.

Приятного времяпровождения!

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