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Russkaya UsadbaСountry Сlub

Address: Russia, 614536, Perm region, Perm district, Zaborye village (Dvurechensk Rural Area)

Tour Sales Centre: Russia, 614107, Perm, KIM Street, 75

Telephones:  +7 (342) 202-50-30, 266-00-66

Club Information

Welcome to the Russkaya Usadba Сountry Сlub. We do hope you will enjoy your holidays here. Favourable wind rose provides ecologically clean zone, taking you away from hustle and bustle of a city to the world of pleasure and philosophy.

Having the evening stroll along the sandy beach, admiring the fascinating sunset and picturesque views, breathing clean air filled with the aroma of pine needles, you feel like fatigue disappears.

The country club is located in one of the most picturesque places of the Urals - the Silva river nearby Mostovaya village, that is 50 km away from the Perm city.

The Club territory covers 2,5 hectares and everybody can enjoy its leisure after own heart: Russian sauna with own exit to the Silva river, infrared sauna with swimming pool, watersport equipment rental, fishing, mushroom hunting.    

Corporate events

Russkaya Usadba Сountry Сlub invites you to celebrate your corporate events in the countryside.

Picturesque nature of the Urals, sandy beach, fresh airfilled with pine needles aroma make you feel full of energy, life and give you cheerful mind.  

The Club offers you four comfortable log cottages, Banqueting roomfor 50 persons (max. 80 persons), Guest home, Russian sauna, Sauna House (infrared sauna, swimming pool, Russian sauna), volleyball and basketball playgrounds, children’s playground, parking.

Banqueting roomhas all conveniences to hold any seminars and corporate trainings and it gives you an excellent opportunity to consolidate your personnel. Comfortable environment of the Banqueting room  allows you to organize and celebrate any remarkable event, such as wedding or jubilee, corporate or children’s festivals.

In  any way, your visit to Russkaya Usadba Сountry Сlub is an excellent possibility to escape from  hustle and bustle of a city.      

Russian sauna

Russian sauna, it is located on coast of the river Sylva. It is wonderful the recipe of health and fine mood which is available to you in Country Club RusskayaUsadba. Russian saunais an excellent way to remove weariness, to restore forces. Comfortable accommodation 5 person, towels are provided.

Sauna House

Present itself pleasure and pleasure from visiting Sauna House ofthe Complex on the basis of rest  Russkaya Usadba

 Sauna House  includes:

  • Pool;
  • Hot sweating room;
  • Infra-red sauna;
  • Room of rest;
  • The musical center;

In ours Bann the Complex, you will find set of pleasant trifles:  

  • caps;
  • towels;
  • a hair drier;

Comfortable accommodation 15 person.


You are welcome!

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